"Cast Iron Armature Bulgaria" SA

Cast Iron Armature Bulgaria® SA is  a member of The Bulgarian Branch Chamber - Machine Building

"Cast Iron Armature Bulgaria"® SA is a member of The Bulgarian Branch Chamber - Machine Building

Леярна на годината

Foundry of the Year

Who are we?

Established in the distant 1947, nearly 70 years ago, Cast Iron Armature Bulgaria® SA is the only Bulgarian manufacturer of cast iron industrial valves. They are designed for water, steam and non-aggressive liquids, for average level of pressure and temperature (PN16 and T° max 250° C), with opening diameter from DN15 to DN 800.

• gate-valves for operation with water and steam
• rubber wedge gate valves
• globe valves
• lift check valves
• reducing membrane valves
• globe valves for ammonia
• steel blow-out valves
• swing check valves
• full-lift spring safety valves
• filters
• valves with electric drives

The construction of the valves has been developed in conformity with the Bulgarian State Standard (BDS) and German Industrial Standard (DIN). The valves are intended for water supply, steam installations, power supply, watering equipment, shipbuilding, etc. The company has its own foundry department and high-speed production facilities and equipment. Cast Iron Armature Bulgaria® SA provides services to its customers for manufacturing moulds, models and casting different details according customer’s design and specifications from cast and ductile iron. Final processing is made with high speed and high level of accuracy with latest generation horizontal centers MAZAK. All products receive corrosion protection and final finishing on modern painting line. Cast Iron Armature Bulgaria® SA is certified according the International Standard for Quality Assurance - ISO 9001. The company delivers variety of valves and fittings to customers, whose production is inspected and accepted by ‘German Lloyd’s Register, Bulgarian and Russian Shipping Registers. The quality of the products with the trade mark of Cast Iron Armature Bulgaria® SA is well known on the markets in France, Spain, Greece, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Malaysia etc.

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